"Excellent reading and taking of direction.

Quick turnaround.


Jason Franzen

More Simple Design Studio

"Sarah offers the unique combination of a conversational style with an intelligent edge to her voice performance."

Jim Kennelly

Lotas Productions/Realtime Casting

"We find Sarah's work to be extremely professional and of the highest quality.  She is able to turnaround scripts quickly and with little direction.  Whether we are going for a natural read or a more formal narraration, Sarah works with us to get the exact sound we need every single time!" 

William Beustring

Maryland Public Television

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"With fast turnaround times and high quality of work, Sarah has been an essential part of our success in developing course material that our students find fun and engaging."

TJ Townsend

American Heart Association

"Sarah is a dream to work with.  She produces high impact voice over that impresses clients every time!"

Tom Gauger

Reel Musician Pro

"I love coaching Sarah, and just as much I LOVE having her at my casting sessions.  She knows how to take direction well, and produce the "feel" that we're looking for (plus, I love her sense of humor!!!).  I can recommend her for jobs with my head held high."

Doriane Elliott

Voice Over Coach/Casting Director

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